2017 Wednesday  Night Partners League Rules

Starting date:  April 18,2018
League Entry Fee:  15.00
Time: 5:30 Shotgun every Wednesday

Format: 2 players on each team-9 hole handicaps will be used

               Two individual matches ,Lower handicap player completes against opponents lower handicap player. The two higher handicap players compete against each other.

Points: Total of 20 points per team (10 points for each match)

No shows: If opponent doesn’t show you play against par

Scramble week : Based on score

Substitutes: May use handicap from other league or have played  9 holes at Hickory Heights. Handicap will be based on that round.

Rules: All play will be in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf

          Winter Rules: Player may improve their lie anywhere through the green except hazards. The ball may be moved one scorecard length.

Rain policy: 6 holes constitute a match, League will not be canceled until 5 pm day of match

Playoffs: One team from each division for each half will send a team to the playoffs for a total of 4 teams in the playoffs. If a team wins both half’s they will advance to the finals.

Ties: Will be broken based on the match played between the two tied teams

Wednesday Night 2-man